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Freddie Darke in The Studio (2018) (09')

About the artist Freddie Darke and his creative process

Virada de Jogo (2018) (11')

Documentary campaign for raising awareness among young girls and boys about abusive relationships.
Suported by DKA Austria and UN Woman

Bateria da Mangueira – A Escola Campeã (2016) (20’)

In Rio, carnival is more than just celebration, it is a fierce musical and visual competition, where different schools prepare the year to win the best school trophy of the year. in this documentary we followed Mangueira's preparations since the rehearsals until becoming the champion school for the 2016 carnival.

#meuNÃOimporta (2016) (20')

Documentary about the effects of the rape-culture in the media and in the day-to-day life of young Brazilian women.
Supported by DKA-Austria and UN Woman.

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