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série fé menina (2017)
6 chapters of 6'

Scene Direction: Amanda Palma and Monique Rocco

Edition: Amanda Palma

Fictional series developed by the collective "Mulheres de Pedra" and Audiovisual Collective Elekô.

A female audiovisual ritual that celebrates ancestry and awakens black powers.

Elekô (2015) (6')

Direction: Colectivo Audiovisual Elekô

Edition: Amanda Palma and Adriana Bassi

A thread of red poetry leading to the audiovisual experience of the conditions of being a young black woman in Brasil. 

Prizes: Best Movie, Best Fiction, Best Sound Design, 72hour festival of Rio.

Exhibited in dozens of festivals in Europe, Latin America and Africa. 

noites de distância (2017) (20')

Direction: Vinícius Guerra
Art Direction: Amanda Palma
Adapted from the eponymous tale of Maikel de Abreu, it tells the daily life of a security man, who must survive his internal conflicts while working for a violent society that turns him into an indispensable but at the same time ignorable being.

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